Estate with wine cellar near Perugia, Umbria

Estate with Wine Cellar near Perugia, Umbria: Castello di Solfagnano

Welcome to Castello di Solfagnano, an estate nestled in a winding valley near Perugia, Umbria. Our 60-hectare farm operates with traditional natural methods, focusing on enhancing the raw materials that our land provides.

Estate with wine cellar near Perugia, Umbria

The production of wines and extra virgin olive oil at Castello di Solfagnano is conducted with grace and passion, reflecting the unique territorial context of our estate. Here, nature is prosperous and luxuriant, following the rhythm of the seasons. Our objective is to safeguard the agricultural soul of the estate by preserving the cultivation of olive trees and grape varieties that have shaped our fine range of wines with evocative names, echoing centuries of history.

Personalized Tasting Tours

We invite our guests to embark on personalized tasting tours to discover the flavors of our land. These tours offer an opportunity to learn about our wines, extra virgin olive oil, honey, and other authentic delicacies. Tastings take place in our suggestive Emotional Cellar, within the walls of Castello di Solfagnano, or during a rural walk among the vineyards.

Experience the Essence of Umbria

Join us at Castello di Solfagnano and immerse yourself in the essence of Umbria. Explore our vineyards, taste our exquisite wines, and indulge in the flavors of our region. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a nature lover, our estate offers an unforgettable experience for all.

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For more information and to book your tasting tour at Castello di Solfagnano, please contact us. Discover the charm of Castello di Solfagnano, where tradition and passion come together to create exceptional wines and unforgettable experiences. Book now!