Situated on a sinuous valley, the 60-hectare estate is home to parks, vineyards, gardens and an agricultural company that still operates with traditional natural methods aimed at enhancing the raw materials that our land offers us. The production of wines and extra virgin olive oil is conducted with grace and passion by the loving hand of man and is part of a unique territorial context in which nature, prosperous and luxuriant, still follows the rhythm of the seasons.

One of the main targets and top priority of Castello di Solfagnano is the eco-sustainability: from the production of energy through solar panels, to the supply of energy for charging electric cars, to the use of Eco materials for our suites up to the production of typical products following centuries-old methods. Consequently, one of our objectives has always been to safeguard the agricultural soul of the estate and therefore the desire to preserve the olive groves for the production of an excellent extra virgin olive oil and the grape varieties that have given life to a fine range of wines.

Spicy wines, with evocative names, which are the voice of a territory with centuries of history.

We offer our guests personalized tasting tours that allow them to introduce our wines, our extra virgin olive oil and the authentic delicacies of our land.

Coexistence of sustainable resources to rediscover oneself